Rabbitsss is a musical collaboration between Rae Howell and New York based sonic & visual artist Jon Cohrs.. It began as a fun way to pass time when the two met at The Banff Centre in Canada in 2006, during a Winter Music Residency. Fast forward a few years with rendezvous sessions in New York, Berlin, Gotland (Sweden), Melbourne and plentiful pendulum swings working remotely, they created Rabbitsss, generating a sonic landscape evoking diverse musical traditions.

Cohrs’ background can be heard in the smattering of samples, in the hidden shuffling of feet and a squeak of a chair, while Howell creates persuasive poly-rhythms and a driving sense of melody. Howell’s talents on marimba, vibraphone, keys, accordion and horns, and Cohrs’ electronic manipulations and production – both rhythmic and non sequitur – are captured on record with an ear toward serendipitous moments of performance.

They released their debt album Penguins in 2014, on Misty Fjord Records and have another one in the works, due for release in 2021.