Penguins is the debt album from Rabbitsss, released in 2014, on Misty Fjord Records. There’s another one in the works, due for release in 2021.

Penguins is a study in pulsating electronic, that type that lives through the imaginary, imperfect strings of organic (the percussive instruments) and the discreet charm of synthetic sound.. delicate textures suspended between a colorful rendition of the rigors of contemporary music (Steve Reich, Terry Riley) and ambient pop (Stereolab, above all).
– Pop Matters 2014

Penguins unspools in bright calm clarity, its overlapping marimba, vibraphone and keyboard motifs locking and interlocking like colored puzzle pieces, its hiccuping percussion delineating rhythms with crayon-emphatic precision.
– Dusted Magazine 2014